We Tried Khloe Kardashian’s New Body-Inclusive Jeans And Here’s How They Fit

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2. Back in May, Khloe Kardashian told the world she was launching a denim brand with a single Instagram post. She asked for “powerful, beautiful women” to come model for the campaign, which would be geared toward women of all shapes and sizes.

Back in May, Khloe Kardashian told the world she was launching a denim brand with a single Instagram post. She asked for
@khloekardashian / Via asked for women to submit photos of themselves for the chance to be part of the brand’s launch.

This was quite the departure from other Kardashian empire products, which are usually modeled by the sisters themselves. Okay, Khloe. We’re listening.

3. After months of secrecy, the chosen models were finally revealed. So, you know, no big deal, but Gabi Gregg looks incredible.

After months of secrecy, the chosen models were finally revealed. So, you know, no big deal, but Gabi Gregg looks incredible.
@gabifresh / Via Instagram: @gabifresh

4. And Daphne Joy, who created her own swimwear collection, also stars in the campaign.

And Daphne Joy, who created her own swimwear collection, also stars in the campaign.
@daphnejoy / Via Instagram: @daphnejoy

5. We were super pumped about the body-inclusivity aspect of the brand’s advertising, but also fully aware that models can only represent so many body types. So we decided to test out the jeans ourselves.

6. Before the jeans went on sale, Khloe and her Good American co-founder Emma came to the BuzzFeed office so that four employees — Caroline, April, Arielle, and Emma — could test-drive the jeans for the day.

Khloe and Emma wore GA jeans, too. Obviously.

7. After sifting through the 22 different style and color options in the collection, we tested out just how “good” Good American jeans were.

They come in three different fits: Good Legs (regular skinny jeans), Good Crop (cropped skinny jeans), and Good Cuts (boyfriend jeans). All of the pants come in sizes 0–24. Right now, there aren’t long or short options available.

8. Laid flat on a table, the jeans looked super tiny. Like “I’m gonna need some Crisco and some fishing line to get my legs in there” tiny. But once we tried them on, the jeans were basically true to size.

9. Arielle and Caroline both tried on the Good Legs style in color Blue001, which in layman’s terms means “dark blue skinny jeans with some pre-made holes.” (Click on each image to enlarge).

Arielle: Honestly, they were the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn. I’m 5’5” and they were a little long, but I also like the bottoms bunched up a bit (especially when I’m wearing flats). They were pretty stretchy and they made my legs look awesome. They didn’t loosen up around the thighs or anything, and they didn’t constrict my stomach or make me feel bad about having a big lunch.

Caroline: They stretched in all the right places so they accommodated my hips and booty but stayed tight on my thighs, knees, and calves. I loved that they were mid-high rise, too — it’s so flattering AND practical. And they were definitely too short (I’m 6’0”), but it actually looked like a purposeful cropped look so I was very happy. I could sit, walk, run, and basically do anything — these were very easy to move around in, super comfortable, and soft.

Price: $159

10. April tried on the Good Legs style in the color Blue008, which were light blue skinny jeans with a LOT of pre-made rips, cuts, and holes. (Click on each image to enlarge.)

April: I was surprised that the first pair I tried on fit so well. That never happens! I had enough room in the waist, I could walk, move and do everything comfortably. I got two compliments: one on the style, and one about how my butt looked. *praise hands emoji*

Price: $205

11. Emma put on a pair of the Good Leg style in the color Blue004. Unlike the other pairs of Good Legs, this pair was hole-less. (Click on each image to enlarge.)

In Good American, Emma wore a size down from her usual.

Emma: For starters, the length actually worked! As a short person (I’m 5’1”), this is a big deal. Usually if I find a pair of jeans that works on the rest of my body, I have to haul it to a tailor and pay to get it shortened. But this was perfect!

The main thing that I loved about these jeans was the comfort aspect. I HATE jeans. Ask any of my friends/coworkers: I NEVER EVER wear jeans. Not to work, not out on the town, not on a train, ESPECIALLY not on plane, etc. Wearing jeans throughout a full workday is my idea of cruel and unusual punishment. However, these jeans were INSANELY comfortable.

Price: $159

12. Caroline also tried on Good Legs in Blue003. Even though they were technically “full length” pants, they looked cropped on her 6’0” height. (Click on each image to enlarge.)

Caroline: I’m old-school — I love my jeans structured, tailored, and thick. I try to find vintage or selvedge denim if I can because they last forever. I love a tight skinny jean, but I really dislike the jegging-fit even though it’s comfortable because it feels too thin and cheap. These jeans were a complete compromise — they were comfy and stretchy but had a structured, nice denim look.

Price: $189

13. Emma also tried on Good Cut in Blue011, which are basically boyfriend jeans. (Click on each image to enlarge.)

Emma: I put these on in the morning and then didn’t take them off for the rest of the day — even after I could take them off. That is a miracle in my book. I could exactly sit down comfortably at my desk! I think it’s because they have a really nice stretch to them.

They seem to actually form to the shape of my body. Instead of feeling like I’m being squeezed into some unforgiving, godless denim tube, I feel like these actually stretch to fit me.

Price: $205

14. After trying them, we asked ourselves, “Would we buy these jeans?”

Arielle: Unfortunately, no. I LOVED them, but I can buy Old Navy jeans for a little less quality, same comfort, and without breaking the bank. I wouldn’t mind receiving them as a Christmas present, though.

Emma: I would have to do some saving, but for a pair of jeans that I could wear all day comfortably? It might just be worth the investment. But this is simply because I despise jeans and it’s incredibly rare that I find a pair I actually don’t want to rip off my body like The Hulk.

April: Nope. IMO, the quality of denim doesn’t match the price. I was actually surprised by the price point in comparison to the other jeans I’ve purchased.

Caroline: Absolutely not. I think that’s way too much for denim that stretchy. If they were under $75, maybe.

15. Here’s our final verdict: If you can afford these jeans, they work really well for a number of body types and shapes. But they’re still really fucking expensive.

If you want that ~Khloe Kardashian~ vibe in your denim, Good American makes a seriously solid pair of jeans. But if you’re broke AF and want a cheaper alternative, go for Old Navy Skinny Jeans for $30.

For more information on the best affordable skinny jeans, check out this post.

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