What Creative Energy Really Is + A Meditation To Ignite Your Artistic Spirit

What Creative Energy Really Is + A Meditation To Ignite Your Artistic Spirit Hero Image

Believe it or not, creative energy and sex energy are actually pretty similar. Creative energy is the same energy that drives us to have a crush on someone or want to kiss someone. If it were up to our lower self, we may confuse creation energy for sex energy our whole life and have no idea how to go further.

At times, sex energy will need to land some sex, and it will do other things well in an effort to achieve the sex it craves. This could include winning a race, running for public office of a school, participating in a play, etc.

In observing the creative force inside myself for many years inside this work, I have found that it is a twofold process, and there are two channels to it to make it “flow” properly or work effectively.

1. Realizing what your concern actually is

Your primary concern is not with the thing you are accomplishing or the sex you’ll be getting. Actually, it’s an invisible connection to the divine space within your own heart.

2. Taking action and pursuing this creation

If a man (or woman) can pursue something creatively with complete abandon, all the while knowing that this is not the aim of their actions, it is only then that they stand a chance.

To get a big, creative vision done, one will have to sacrifice other things as well. These things that one will have to surrender are what I call “buffers.” These are things we use, in the form of habit, addiction, people, places, and things in our lives that allow us to mellow out the feeling that we are actually not pursuing our deepest vision.

I urge all my students and clients always to sacrifice one thing at a time. A person who gives up too many buffers at once can easily go mad and likely will boomerang into the same actions later.

However, you will need to give these things up to be in your maximum capacity. For me, I gave up drinking and drugs first and followed that by breaking so many other terrible habits.

What I found was that for each thing I surrendered, I got three new things that were big, uplifting, and terrific. I got a life that I would have wished for by giving up a life I was settling for. Who knew that settling at life equals a settled for life? We must demand greatness and be willing to go to any lengths to get it.

One thing I got back when I gave up my buffers was meditation. Without meditation, there is no hope for the level of clarity that is needed for a big life. When we meditate, we connect with a part of ourselves that seems to know everything. We connect and we are guided. When I took my meditation practice that I had been studying for 30 years and applied it to my everyday life, it became a secret window through which I could always jump into truth and grace.

I found my career in that window, my fiancé in that window, my relationship to food, my calmness of mind, my contact to my emotional center, and so much more.

I feel today that meditation is the single most important tool I have. Of course there are many more, and we must follow where meditation leads us, but this one is a bedrock foundation.

A guided meditation to ignite creative spirit.

Take 30 minutes each day to sit in stillness for the next 14 days and see how you feel. You can use gentle music, a guided meditation, or nothing at all, but make sure the sit is at least half an hour. At the end of each meditation, ask your higher self, “What would you have me do? Please guide me all through the day.”

You may be surprised by what you find out!

Also don’t be surprised if it gets worse before it gets better. This is why it is so important that we have a proper teacher, because if you are meditating “right,” the sh*t may hit the fan before it settles. I promise that what follows is as beautiful as the highest work of art you have ever seen!

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