What Your Car’s Color Says About You

Vibrant red

What it says: High-energy, sexy, craves attention
“The person who is inclined to drive a red car is someone who is high-energy, who loves the dynamism of a red car. There’s a certain sexy connotation attached as well. It’s a person that craves and loves attention. Now there is a difference, however, in the kinds of reds…”

Burgundy red

What it says: Attention-seeking, but subtle and sophisticated
“Deep, bluer reds have the same sort of qualities as vibrant reds, but this is a person who wants to be more subtle about it. A wine-colored car, a burgundy, still comes from the red family, but there’s a great deal of subtlety and sophistication there.”

Sunshine yellow

What it says: Joyful, friendly
“It’s highly visible, so there is a safety factor in driving a car that’s this bright. At the same time, it has a sunny disposition. There’s a kind of joyful, young-at-heart feeling. It’s a very friendly color, attached to good cheer.”

Deep yellow/gold

What it says: Friendly but sophisticated
“The yellow-gold family doesn’t want to imply that much attention, but the gold implies a certain intrinsic value to the car. So it’s friendly and sophisticated. Any time you deepen a color, you add sophistication, so that’s the way a person wants to be perceived.”

Neutral gray

What it says: Corporate, practical, pragmatic
“I think we all know what this says. It’s very sober, it’s very corporate, it’s very practical, and it’s a very pragmatic color. It’s a pragmatic choice in that we know it’s a color that you buy and would keep longer than probably any other color.”


What it says: Clean, prideful, fastidious, pure… or lives in a hot climate
“What is interesting, is that a lot of people who choose white like the idea that it’s very clean. There’s a kind of purity in the color white, and of course these are the people who are also fastidious, because in order to have a white car you’ve gotta keep it very clean [laughs] or else it doesn’t look great.

“Now, obviously, some choices are made because of geographic location. If someone lives in the Southwest, where cars get hot, they might choose a white car because it just kind of goes with the temperature. But if we’re talking personality, it’s someone who likes to keep that car clean, takes a great deal of pride in their car, and makes sure it’s seen by the rest of the world as a very clean car.”

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Aaron Miller is the Cars editor for Thrillist, and can be found on Twitter and Facebook. He’s had cars in dark metallic blue, dark metallic purple, pure white, white-and-black, dark metallic red, bright red, dark green, bright metallic green, and two in black. Talking to Lea was like being diagnosed by a psychoanalyst.

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