Wikileaks: Hillary Buries Health Concerns Over High-Frutose Corn Syrup

Wikileaks: Hillary Buries Health Concerns Over High-Frutose Corn Syrup



Coca-Cola – with its high-frutose corn syrup – is at the heart of the biggest obesity crisis the world has ever seen.

However, leaked emails reveal that Hillary Clinton will continue to promote the product, despite health risks to both the American public and those around the world.

The American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has recommended that people stop drinking soda in order to curb obesity and diabetes. Yet it is clear that Clinton will continue to promote the product despite this fact.

Coca-Cola, it seems, has been donating to Clinton’s campaign, but not without expecting something in return, namely Clinton not implicating it in the global obesity crisis, despite scientific evidence that the drink – and corn syrup cola in general – is a major player.

Leaked emails showed that Clinton spoke out against Coca-Cola in April of 2016 and voiced public health concerns over the drink. The company emailed her and told her they hoped this wasn’t the case, and she hasn’t spoken a word about it since.

It has also been revealed that the Clinton Foundation has received over $10 million from the Coca-Cola company in its history. Coca-Cola marketing executive, Wendy Clark, has also taken a sabbatical at her position with the company to help Clinton campaign for her presidency.

Wikileaks emails also show that Coca-Cola has no plans to protect the health of the public any time soon, and is fighting back against health measures in Europe that will curb its sales. reported:

“A recent leak of Coca-Cola’s executive emails uncovered the February and March 2016 lobbying priorities for Coca-Cola Europe. The soda company categorizes its priorities into three buckets: ‘Fight Back,’ ‘Prepare’ or ‘Monitor’ based on a policy’s impact on their sales and its likelihood to pass …

It has recently been outed that both Coca-Cola and PepsiCo give generous donations to various health and research projects, which begs the question why companies so closely tied with worldwide ill-health would support health initiatives.

Many anti-obesity and anti-diabetes charities have reported that the two companies have been funding initiatives specifically to tackle obesity with exercise only, completely ignoring the nutrition component. The two companies clearly have a vested interest in keeping the American population consuming sugar laden cola, despite the health risks that may ensue.

It has also been demonstrated that many nutrition studies, funded by Coca-Cola or PepsiCo, severely downplay the link the drinks have with obesity and other public health concerns.

Coca-Cola is also funding the Global Energy Balance Network, which spearheaded a campaign which stated that in order to lose weight, people don’t need to reduce their consumption of sugar or sugary drinks.

Daniel Aron, a student a Boston University’s medical school conducted a study to examine whether or not the companies were purposely undermining public health in order to protect their profits. He concluded:

“We wanted to look at what these companies really stand for. And it looks like they are not helping public health at all — in fact they’re opposing it almost across the board, which calls these sponsorships into question.”

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